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Works List


Piano Concerto in A minor- 1989

Reflection for String Orchestra- 1993

Elegy- string orchestra, 1999.

Agnus Dei - Soprano and orchestra, 2001*

Three Suns for Strings, Horn, and Soprano Saxophone, 2003

Fantasy Concertante for Organ, Strings, & Percussion - 2013


What's Your Soup?:                                An Opera in One Act- 6 vocalists, piano, 1997.*

It's Never You!:                                      An Operetta in One Act- 4 vocalists, instrumental ensemble, 1999.*

Larkspur:                                                An Opera in Two Acts- chamber orchestra, 2005*

What's Your Soup? (2009 version)        An Opera in One Act- 6 vocalists, chamber ensemble, 2009


Ode to Sinfonia- TTBB, 1995.*

In Paradisum- tenor solo, chorus, instrumental ensemble,organ, 1996.*

Almighty God-  mezzo-soprano solo, chorus, horn, cello, piano, 1996.*

Elegy- tenor solo, chorus, a cappella, 1997.*

Sing for Joy - TTBB, 2 pianos, chimes, 1998

A Clear Midnight- SATB, 1998*

An Irish Blessing- SA/SAB/SATB, piano, 1999*

Christ Liveth -  SSAATTBB, piano, 2002*

Grant Us Peace - SATB, piano 2003*

Christ Be Our Light - SATB, piano, 2005

Shout to the Lord- SATB, piano, 2005

Of Stars and Cradles- SATB, piano, harp, 2006

Give Thanks with Holy Holy Holy - SATB, piano, 2008



Fantasy- piano, 1993

Sonata for Horn and Piano, 1994

Agnus Dei- soprano, piano, 1995

Spirit Walker: A Cycle on the poems of Nancy Wood- mezzo, piano, 1995

The Lesson of the Striped Wolf- SATB solo, piccolo, cello, 2 percussionists, 1996

A Reflection for Trumpet and Piano, 1996

Expanse- alto saxophone, horn, 1997

Fantasy for Bassoon and Piano, 1997

Wedding Day Meditation- cello, piano, 1997

Libera Me- soprano, baritone, piano, 1997

A Reflection for Oboe and Piano, 1998

Pie Jesu - soprano, tenor, piano, 1999

Fanfare from the Arcs, two trumpets, 2000

Baroque Suite "If it ain't Baroque" for flute, oboe, and cello, 2002

Ponderings: A Cycle of songs, soprano, piano, 2003

Sonata for Violin and Piano, 2003

"Du Bist Wie Eine Blume," tenor, piano, 2004

A Sacrificial Fantasia - Soprano Sax, organ, 2006

Passages: A Cycle of Songs, soprano and piano trio, 2014

Fantasy Meditation on a Theme by Randy Newman, flute and organ, 2014

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